Sorry again…for good measure!

I present to you a little embarrassing treat because I forgot to post last month and feel terrible about it since I want to keep up with my posts!

Drumroll, por favor!

I present to you….


Yes, I did it. Yes, I suffered while I edited it. Nonetheless, enjoy the overdose of cuteness that the song does by itself.

Sorry! Gomenesai! Mianhae!

Hello, lovelies! A month has gone by without me vlogging or blogging and I feel bad about that! Soon, you guys will see why I haven’t been keeping you up to date. SOON!

Good things come to those who wait, right?

In the meantime, enjoy the videos I’ll be posting this week that are…something.


Cori’s Makeup Haul

Oh, hello, lovelies!

I’m back with, yet another, vlog post. Exciting, huh? No? Yes? Hahahaha! Anyways…

This vlog post is a bit of a departure from my other videos (despite my alluding to doing something like this type of video) only because it deals with makeup. I know, I know—I hinted at doing makeup tutorials on my Instagram or in a video (I think…don’t hold me to that!), but I’m not artistically creative when it comes to makeup. To be honest, I didn’t understand the importance of having proper eyebrows—yes, proper eyebrows—until quite recently.

Okay, I must stop there. Spotlight off of me and onto my bestie, Cori! When she visited me last month, January, we had some time to play before she left. So, what do two girls do on a Saturday?

Well, we went started the morning off watching August: Osage County to see the beautiful cast and how the story unfolded…and, the ever beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch—but, honestly, we went there for the all-star cast. Ah! Yes, and to see Abigail Breslin. My God, she is the same age as my brother and she has grown up to be a beautiful young lady. I can’t wait to see more from her! (Can we get her in a movie with Chloë Grace Moretz? I don’t want Hollywood to produce some fluffy teen movie—I want an action film! Or suspense. Or both? They would be brilliant together! In my opinion….)

After the movie and a bit of a discussion in the car, we found ourselves in the northern part of Indianapolis at Johnny Rockets. We were hoping to spend some time at the Fashion Mall, but a little bit of an emergency cropped up at home. But, before we did that…we hit the Castleton Square Mall. At the mall, we did some shopping—Cori more than me only because if I had, we wouldn’t have left the place in time for her bus. (I’m terribly indecisive.) Cori bought this awesome set of makeup for under $100 because everything was on sale to make room for the spring season! She got some stuff from both Sephora and Icing, and I have yet to talk to her about them. I hope they’re as awesome as they were when we unraveled them in the video!

Anyways, here’s the list! I checked back at Icing and Sephora recently: The Sephora + Pantone items are still in the sale section, however, I am almost positive that the buy one get one ½ off sale is over. Yay but a tad poopy. (Hahahahahahaha!!) Icing is still having their BOGO sale on make-up. Just throwing that in there.

The List:

Pretty much everything was under $10 with the exception of about three items, but her haul was spectacular! Especially her catch with the Urban Decay Naked palette dupe!

Anyways, happy shopping to everyone who decides to venture out! Hopefully I’ll be able to get some reviews for her if anyone wants some!




I’ll be back with a few shots from our lunch the day she came as well as a blooper reel from the video shoot! <3

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Good morning, lovelies!

Okay, well it’s not morning for me anymore—well, it’s late morning. Maybe by now it’s not like that for most of you. I don’t know. I just can never get my greetings right, huh?

Anyways, I hope your morning or day started off right…depending on what time of day you woke. I have to say, I woke up feeling pretty well. After spending about an hour of my night perusing the interwebs for different uses of leftover cooked brown rice, I settled on making my own version of brown rice porridge earlier this morning.

My porridge started off with just milk in it before I thought it would be an awesome idea to mix something into it. I wasn’t in the mood for something that was only sweet, so honey was out of the window. Instead, I grabbed my jar of Nutella and added teaspoon after teaspoon of the yummy goodness until I was satisfied.

And then I had the brilliant idea of adding peanut butter.

It may sound like a mistake, but it came out really good. The thing I didn’t do right was add a whole spoon of it instead of teaspoons of it. Gyah. I got a huge whopping spoonful of peanut butter brown rice porridge when I tried it. TOO MUCH. I had to put more Nutella into it to balance it out. Oh well! It came out great after that! I ladled some into a bowl and topped it off with half of a sliced banana and glass of orange juice.


Well, let’s get down to the heart of the manner. My new video. It’s a cover of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from Disney’s Frozen.

I know I’m not the best singer in the world and that I can barely sing, but, hey, lemme be honest here: If I can act like a little kid for a brief amount of time and not embarass myself a whole lot, then I will surely do it! So I donned my Hello Kitty glasses (you can buy a pair from eBay or Amazon), my purple oversized glasses, and my every day prescription ones at different times for this video. I hope you guys enjoy it, because it did take me about two weeks to get comfortable singing this in front of a camera! And to get comfortable singing the older version of Ana’s part… I don’t know. Did I make it harder than it should be? Please like, comment (postive feedback??), and subrscribe! I won’t be doing that many covers.


After I spent a good amount of time taking the pictures for the FaceTime Friday: Gifts & Updates Galore! post,

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Facetime Friday: Gifts and Updates Galore!

Heyllo, lovelies! How are you today?

So, early this morning, YouTube finally uploaded my video! It’s the first in a new series that I hope to keep going. It’ll contain anything from reviews to shopping hauls, advice, and just me plain out talking. It’s essentially a free for all! I hope to actually get them uploaded on Fridays from now on instead of early morning Saturdays now that I know how to resolve common audio issues. 

Enough banter. Let’s get onto the pictures!

List of gifts:

For starters, the first gift I received was a Starbucks gift card from my lovely friend Sarah who knows that I am insanely dependent on coffee to start my mornings off right! Also, she enjoys a cuppa joe herself—except in the form of a frappuccino. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of the card since I loaded it onto my Starbucks app—and I kinda lost it after I had done so! Hahaha!…Ha…

My next gift was a set of artistically designed tumblers from Jasmine! (Laughs) She, too, knows how much I love coffee. After all, she and Trinh are the ones that have seen me drinking coffee in our AM classes together. I seriously love the line and geometric designs that cover the tumblers. I rotate between the two of them at home when I’m drinking tea so that I won’t have a huge mess to clean up were I to knock one over. I don’t use them at school as much since I’m constantly moving. I had an unfortunate mess to cleanup in my backpack with a different tumbler that had a sliding switch to close it. What would happen were I to use these in my backpack?

Ah, but, yes. Why would I put it in my backpack? It’s winter at the present and negative something degrees. My gloves aren’t thick enough to withstand it so I keep my hands shoved in my pockets, gloves and all!

Either way, Jas, if you’re reading this, they are being used and are wonderful! I promise to drink the latte mix as soon as I find it. ^0^



Dear, dear: Trinh knows me well. She got me a mug that is freakishly adorable! Freakish? Why? Well, take a look…


It’s a talking cuppa tea! It’s freakish in a good way that it’s so adorable! It’s a mug of adorable-ness! I love the colour scheme and the drawing and the red handle—it’s a happy mug!

In addition to the mug, Trinh got me some goodies from Bath & Body Works in my favourite colour: BLUE! Not only that, she made me some arm warmers since my arms and hands have a tendency to freeze up which leads to massive stiffness and pain. She made them using a mint blue/green yarn that I chose from her stock collection.


(Fragrance: Sweet Island Cotton)

Thankfully, this is one of the fragrances at Bath & Body Works that I canwear without getting a headache!



I posted two versions of the glove to show how the colour varies in light. A post with me modelling the gloves will more than likely follow!

Apparently cute runs in Trinh’s family because her younger sister Thu (she told me to call her Two, though) made me two adorable keychain buddies! She made my favourite animal, the orca, and a Pokemon that I am not familiar with…? Hahah! I can’t keep up with the growing population in the Pokemon universe.


Last but not least, is the set of goodies my mum got me when we went to Bath & Body Works over the holidays. Let’s start with these:


(Fragrance: Twilight Woods — my favourite scent hands down)


(Scents starting from left: Be Enchanted, Carried Away, and Twilight Woods)

I grabbed a few tubs of these since there were on a huge mark down and because they seriously lock in moisture. They make my hands feel good! This is my first time having them, but I’ve already tried the one in the middle and I LOVE the consistency of it! My hands also get extremely dry from washing and just plain out dry, so this body butter does the trick in relieving that.

The next item added to our shopping bag were these two bottles of lotion. Both of them are from the Paris line, a line that I love! It’s girly without being too girly. It smells great too and doesn’t make my head want to burst! (Does that happen to anyone else when it comes to some of the fragrances at Bath & Body Works?)

I have yet to try Sweet on Paris, however, when I smelled it at the store it smelled great. Yeah, that’s all I can say about it. I can’t really remember the fragrance and I don’t have it in front of me. Lemme pull up what Bath & Body Works says about it… According to Bath & Body Works, Sweet on Paris is an

enticing medley of juicy blackberry, lemon meringue, and creamy vanilla, inspired by the sweet temptations of Parisian patisserie.” [link]

Well, doesn’t that just take you to the streets of Paris??

The second lotion I got is currently one of my favourites: Paris Nights. It’s a romantic seductive fragrance. Well, if you pull it off right with other elements, it can be seductive. By itself under every day wear, it’s not going to cause a reaction from the boys like it does to girls in an AXE commercial. (Like that ever happens in real life, but you get where I’m going with this, right?) If I were to go out on a date, I would probably use this at night but not to try to seduce anyone. I just feel like it’s a night time scent even though I use it during the day time. 


(Fragrance: Sweet on Paris & Paris Nights)

The last item we got is certainly my favourite out of the bunch! My momma picked it out for me, and I was a little apprehensive towards it at first until I got a whiff of it a few days ago. I love how girly, innocent, romantic and fluffy it smells—just like a first love or puppy love! 


(Fragrance: Sweet Peony Dream)

The design of the bottle is another reason why I enjoy it so much. It’s so curvy and womanly with a flower attached at the waist that can be removed. I don’t like glitter as much as I did when I was younger, but I love it on the bottle. The glitter was part of the reason why I was a little apprehensive to it… LOL!! 


Aside from the design of the bottle and the scent. I AM SERIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH THE CAP. I love how it reflects things back to you! 

Anyways, guys, sorry for the long post! But I took pictures and thought it would be a waste to not use them. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone for the gifts! I love each of them! As for the Photojojo lenses, a review post/video will follow in the near future. Sit tight and keep in touch, lovelies!


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Anonymous asked: "i'm your secret stalker ;) ;) ;) mwuaah-hahahahahahaha :D"

I feel like we know each other, secret stalker…

Happy BELATED New Year!

Happy New Year!

Sorry that it’s late. I’ve been busy being sick with a fever and prepping the blog for it’s new re-opening! I’ve finally decided on what I am doing with this thing: It’s going to focus on fashion (and whatever falls under it), my life and my adventures, and cooking! Hahahaha!! Maybe some other things, but this is the main focus until I get a firm foundation for this site which has been in the works for a number of years considering I couldn’t make up my mind. But, now that I have made it up, I plan to stick to it by posting at least every two weeks since every week doesn’t seem to work for me.

So, this being the first post and all, let’s tackle Sunday’s outfit and use that as my first fashion post! Is anyone excited, or is it just me?


This is what I wore to church Sunday (the 12th). Nothing fancy… I guess? I’ve seen people wear fancier articles of clothing to church than this. I guess I’m just the type for simple things that have a little BAM! to them. (Just a little.) My outfit yesterday consisted of…

I wore just a plain pair of black flats with a bow on them since they were the only neutral coloured pair of flats that I had. Accessory wise, I didn’t do much since the collar had more bling than I would usually wear! I kept everything natural and simple—including my hair even though my first thought Sunday morning (cue Maroon 5) was to curl it. I’m glad I kept it straight so that the drama would be kept on the collar, however, waves certainly would have made it fun and cute!


See what I mean? This collar has some serious bling on it. I love how it can be taken off so you have a normal white sweater (is it called “jumper” in the UK? I’ve been wondering that for a while now…). It’s a soft, comfy, and fashionably flexible sweater that I may or may not have plucked from my mum’s closet… ^o^ It was $44 at the time it was purchased, but I think it’s now down to $29.97? If you click the link in the list, I think that’s what it’s price is now. Mum got it at the retail price since it was the last and only one in her size that was found.

Hey, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do when you have a size that can be hard to find at times!


Here you can see the detail in the skirt. Normally, I’m not one for snake skin print or snake skin anything in fashion because, for some odd reason, it makes my skin crawl. But, at a clearance price of $1.97 (yes, two dollars), I wasn’t going to pass it up! For us curvy girls and plus size as well, a pencil skirt is a go-to skirt for us since it can accentuate what we’ve got. A $2 pencil skirt with a nice, somewhat mettalic bronze (you can’t tell in the photo, though) pattern on it was definitely a steal—so much so that Mummy dearest already had one in her closet. (We wore our skirts the same day. I get that I’m 20-soon-to-be-21, but it’s fun to match with a loved one…so long as it’s not the whole outfit? The whole outfit is cute when you’re a kid, but when you’re older it feels somewhat odd since you’re trying to find your own sense of fashion. I feel that that’s safe to say, don’t you? 

Well, that’s it for now, everyone! I hope you enjoyed  my wee fashion post—most especially, my first post of the new year and new blog. Hopefully, I’ll have more and more to come extremely soon. I might be jinxing myself, but I’m determined to keep this up. 

What did you guys think? Comment, like, reblog—keep in touch with me! Also, check out my twitter! Sorry, I just had to make a shameless plug… (Oh, and look me up on Instagram: LoveSamiJo. Or on YouTube: HelloSamiChan.)

I hope you guys have a great week!